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How Educators Feel About the Impact of Technology, in Charts

by Staff

Most teachers, principals, and district leaders believe that their schools’ recent investments in technology are—at least to some extent—paying off in terms of student academic gains, according to an EdWeek Research Center survey conducted in February.

And well over half of the teachers surveyed say that 1-to-1 computing has allowed them to some extent to focus more on students’ individual academic needs.

But despite those promising data points, the proportion of educators rating the benefits of new education technology as game changing is much smaller. And growing pains remain as education technology hits an inflection point three years after the pandemic kicked off unprecedented investments in new digital learning tools.

Chief among those challenges: Many ed-tech tools are not aligned with federal education requirements, technology’s potential to truly accelerate student learning remains underutilized, and, as the data below show, tech fatigue remains an ongoing concern.

While most teachers, principals, and district leaders say that teachers in their schools or districts are invigorated by technology—it’s a slim majority of 51 percent. Nearly half feel just the opposite—they are worn out by all the tech use in schools.

Below is a more detailed look at some findings about technology use in education from the EdWeek Research Center survey:

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