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Teachers Share the Most Meaningful Ways To Show Appreciation

by Staff

Not all teachers want flowers or mugs during Teacher Appreciation Week, but sometimes it’s the small gestures that mean the most.

We asked teachers on social media to share the most meaningful ways that students, parents, and colleagues have shown their appreciation for the critical work that they do. Here’s a round-up of some of the ways teachers’ K-12 communities have shown their support.

Handwritten notes or emails

“A handwritten note always warms my heart.💜”

– Mona J.

“A thoughtful note. I’ve kept notes written on post-its, scrap paper and gum wrappers. Many are posted on my bulletin board next to my desk reminding me why I stay teaching during the tough days.”


Miss Maleiko

Kudos from parents

“When parents told me how I transformed their children.”

– Annette C.

“Honestly I’d just say parents telling me that I was the first teacher that made their child feel safe to be who they are in front of the class. That’s the best compliment I’ve ever been given and didn’t even know that’s what I was accomplishing.”

Marco D.

Thoughtful gifts

“One of my students just gave me this pug stuffed animal today 😭 my students know I love pugs and have two pugs so this was really special. 🥰”

@Ms. J


Ms. J

“I love golf. I played in college, and I teach business & finance classes. I bring up golf a lot in class. A student had personalized golf balls made for me that say, “I teach kids about money”. They saw it on the shirt I received from the @NatlJumpStart conference!”

Ms. G.

Students who stay in touch

“When former students come back to visit.”

Stacy A.

“When I see students in public and they go out of their way to talk to me.”


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