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Morning Rituals Educators Swear By to Start the Day Right


A typical day in the life of a teacher or principal is anything but calm. So, how do educators make sure they start the day off right?

We asked Education Week’s social media followers to share the go-to morning rituals that help them mentally prepare for the school day.

Set the tone for the day with uplifting tunes, stories, or videos

A cup of coffee, morning yoga, and an awesome playlist!

Miss G.

Cozy lights on in my classroom, some fun music on my SmartBoard, and helping my students (early morning office hours).

Nicole G.

I listen to an audiobook while I get ready. Sometimes it’s the only reading I get to do all day.

Sara R.

I start every class with a motivational video from YouTube or a similar site.

John L.

Move your body


Coach G.

3:45 wake up. Gym by 4. Back home. At least a 2 mile run with my husky. Breakfast. Shower. Make lunch. Leave for school by 8.

Blake C.

Morning grounding exercise, self-awareness check in and set an intention for the day.

Ben K.


Ei M.

Stay grounded in your faith

Bible App and Podcast…🙏🏾🙏🏾

Michael B.

Starting the day off with prayer prepares me emotionally and mentally to handle the challenges of the day. I find that I am calmer, less anxious, and I get more done when I start my day with Him.

Queen M.

Prayer and music before I get to my school site!

Ms. J.

Connect with your students

Being the hype man for students entering class. 🤷‍♂️

Matt W.

Greeting students at the door, and Morning Meeting!👍🏾

Lisa H.

💯Building rapport right away.

Teacher Warrior

We start each day with a morning greeting. Simply saying good morning and naming the child builds connections.

Mary W.

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