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Five Ways Teachers Are Spending Their Spring Break

by Staff

Punxsutawney Phil may have seen his shadow, but springtime is almost here. That means students—and teachers—across the country are gearing up for spring break. We asked educators on social media to share their plans this year.

From beach time to making a little extra cash to enjoying solitude, here are some ways teachers are spending their time off.

Enjoying their freedom

“Nothing but resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating…🧘‍♂️📖”

Amy M.

“Beach and boating! Enjoying unstructured days and a free schedule.”

– Lauren O.

“Enjoy(ing) the sound of none of my teacher alarms going off that day.”

– Kimberly S.

Spending time with family

“Taking my mama for her last round of chemo. 🙌♥♥”

– Christine A.

“7 college tours in 6 days.”

– Theresa C.

“Going on a trip with my pup!”

– Abigail K.


“My husband and I (both teachers) are celebrating our 25th anniversary at a resort in Scottsdale. ☀☀”

– Tamara M.


– Lisa H.


– Ang M.

“Going out of my mind. Short trip.”

– Michelle A.

Still working

“Working my part-time job.”

– Clay T.

“Guest lecturing at my undergrad alma matter! And relaxing while my son is in school!”

– Amy M.

Wishing they had a spring break

“Considering we have 2 days. Nothing lol”

– Jenny M.

“We don’t have one. 🎉🍾👏”

– Karyn S.

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